Solutions for sports areas

Sports and Multifunctional Halls, Gymnasiums, Fitness Centers

The main requirement for acoustic materials in sports facilities is the demand for mechanical resistance of walls and ceilings, which must determine the selection of acoustic elements. In sports facilities, quality acoustics are important for both spectators and competitors. High sound reflectivity negatively affects the experience (for spectators) of sporting events and limits communication among participants (athletes). These spaces are often used for cultural events where good acoustics are essential.

Specification of Products Suitable for Application in Sports Facilities:

  • high mechanical resistance
  • affordability
  • high acoustic efficiency

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Several Good Tips for Designers and School Principals

Wall Panels

  • It is important to consider which surfaces will be most exposed to impact and choose a hard cladding for them. In this case, wooden cladding AKUFON in various variants is recommended.
  • The most aesthetically pleasing is the wooden cladding Akufon BL with grooved perforation without visible joints. It combines the beauty of wood with good acoustic properties. Its disadvantage is a higher price, which depends on surface treatment and fire resistance class requirements.
  • Another option is the hard recycled panel Ekosound Hard, which is applied to the front structure. Its advantage is also the color gray melange, which helps to hide minor surface contaminations.

Ceiling Panels

  • Due to the hard floor, it is often necessary to also address the ceiling acoustic cladding. Load, especially in high ceilings, may not be a problem, but in ball games, mechanical resistance of the panels should also be considered. Here, a cassette ceiling with cassettes Akustišport with durable surface treatment against damage is offered.
  • Cassettes with a hard perforated HDF board on the surface AKUFON cassettes also have good mechanical resistance. These cassettes have fixing against their removal.
  • For sports facilities, we recommend choosing from the following selection of our products

Akufon BL

Akufon BL

AKUFON BL wooden acoustic slats are jointless slats that are made of wood and serve to solve acoustic problems in interiors. They are used…
Akufon Resident

Akufon Resident

Perforated HDF 3mm board in non-flammable design on a mineral substrate is an economical panel that combines the beauty of wood with…