Solutions for social spaces

Theaters, Social Halls, and Cultural Centers

Social spaces such as theaters, social halls, and cultural centers must ensure an appropriate level of sound to provide audiences with the expected enjoyment of spoken word and accompanying music. It is crucial to use acoustic materials with high aesthetic quality and color finishes that can harmoniously integrate into the architectural concept of the space.

It is important to emphasize that social spaces must meet the sound level values prescribed by standards for each specific purpose. This means that the specific function and acoustic requirements of each space must be taken into account. Standards are designed to ensure an optimal experience for visitors and audiences, so it is important to adhere to these values.

Specification of products suitable for application in educational spaces:

  • high demands on panel design
  • easy maintenance
  • high acoustic efficiency
  • mechanical resistance

Example of design solutions for the acoustics of a cultural center


An acoustically original cultural center with very poor acoustics, where visitors complained about loud noise. An economical solution was proposed by applying PET panels Ekosound on the ceiling and walls. Design-wise, the panels on the walls come in three variants, while the ceiling panels are designed as strips of Neo Clouds or suspended clouds 1200x2400x40mm. Partially recessing the panels on the walls will improve the acoustics even at low frequencies.


=> Download our brochure of social spaces for inspiration. 

Cinemas, Nightclubs, and Dance Clubs

In cinemas, nightclubs, and dance clubs, a very short reverberation time is required, which means that sound must be absorbed as quickly as possible after the first reflection from obstacles such as walls or ceilings. In these cases, it is important to apply absorbing materials to all possible surfaces.


In the case of these spaces, the situation is somewhat different from cinemas or nightclubs. In these spaces, the main factor is spoken word and its intelligibility. Therefore, it is important to perform precise calculations and select suitable materials. It is recommended to first seek out professionals and have data measured directly in the given spaces.

The same recommendation applies to theaters, where there is a strong emphasis on achieving an exact level of reverberation so that the space is not overly dampened.

Requirements for the acoustic properties of the following spaces (reverberation) according to STN 730525 and STN 730527

1. Opera, Musical Theater | 2. Multipurpose Hall, Orchestra or Choir Rehearsal Room | 3. Auditorium, Theater, Drama Rehearsal Rooms, Classroom | 4. Cinema | 5. Gymnasium, Sports, Hall, Swimming Pool, Airport Hall (according to STN 730527)

Several Basic Tips for Designers

  • Various types of absorbing materials can be used on walls. Among the panels providing space for designers are  Modular or wooden Akufon or the novelty panels from Ekosound Hard. Acoustic images Soundpix can also be used to create emotion.
  • Aesthetically and design-wise, a new solution for ceilings is the application of Clouds panels on the ceiling. Similarly, absorbers Baffle in various design versions can be used.
  • If you need to roughly calculate how many panels you need, use our calculator. Feel free to consult with us about your ideas; we are happy to help.

Want to compare the effectiveness of panels based on their application?

For social spaces, we recommend choosing from the following selection of our products

Stropné panely Oblaky

Clouds A2 ceiling panel

Acoustic panel in the shape of rectangles and squares intended for suspension under the ceiling. For simple applications, covering 30-40%…
Clouds - Circle A2

Clouds - Circle A2

Spatial mineral acoustic panel for horizontal suspension under the ceiling as solo panels in circular design. The combination of different…
Baffle - Edge

Baffle - Edge

Suspended baffle made of recycled Ekosound PET panels with a shaped edge. The acoustic properties of the board provide an optimal solution…
Felt line acoustic slats

Felt line acoustic slats

Folded lamella made of PET panel intended for application for the treatment of ceilings and walls. The main advantage is simple application…


An acoustic artwork for any interior. Available in a 60mm thick anodized frame or with a 40mm thick wrapped edge. Customers provide the…
Akufon BL

Akufon BL

AKUFON BL wooden acoustic slats are jointless slats that are made of wood and serve to solve acoustic problems in interiors. They are used…
Akufon Resident

Akufon Resident

Perforated HDF 3mm board in non-flammable design on a mineral substrate is an economical panel that combines the beauty of wood with…
Clouds - Art

Clouds - Art

In addition to regular shapes, it is also possible to design the ceiling with other cloud shapes. The advantage of this ART variant is the…
Grid - Circle

Grid - Circle

Highly elegant solution - shaped vertical absorbers GRID Kruh placed in islands in the shape of circles creating design groups on the…
Panely Resident v tkanine Akutec RTVS

Modular Resident

Variant of non-flammable panels with recognized T or U profiles in black or white color with textile or fiberglass surface. It is applied…