Reduction of noise in school premises

Specification of Products Suitable for Application in School Spaces:

  • high efficiency
  • low cost
  • high mechanical resistance
  • hygienic safety

The following products we manufacture meet these requirements.

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Proper acoustics have a significant impact on teaching effectiveness and learning.

Do students have trouble concentrating in classes and do teachers quickly get tired when speaking? Is there a lot of noise in the cafeteria during lunch? The cause may be reverberation that occurs in the space. 

Due to reverberation, it's difficult to understand the lecture; we have to concentrate more, which quickly tires us out. 

Reasons for adjusting acoustics in classrooms:

  • Improved clarity: Absorbing excess noise reduces distortion of spoken words, improving the clarity of presentations and lectures.
  • Less fatigue: Good acoustics can reduce fatigue and allow for more efficient work.
  • Better communication: In rooms with good acoustic environments, it's easier to communicate between students and teachers. Clear and clean sound supports open discussion, collaboration, and interaction, which can have a positive impact on learning outcomes.

We have solutions for the following steps:

  • to reduce reverberation and noise
  • for soundproofing walls and ceilings
  • for soundproof doors

Overall, proper acoustics in classrooms have a positive impact on teaching, learning, and the overall atmosphere in schools.

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Examples from Our Implementations

Task: Improve acoustics in the school cafeteria

Description and Solution: Conversations, clinking cutlery, squeaking chairs,... Excessive noise can be mitigated using panels. In this case, simple rectangular acoustic panels, called clouds, were chosen and placed on the ceiling. Colors were coordinated with the cafeteria's furnishings. 

Task: Reduce reverberation and noise in the school cafeteria

Description and Solution: Another common request from schools was to address reverberation and noise issues, this time solved with circular clouds combined with rectangular panels. The circular clouds, in this case, are particularly interesting due to their XXL size. They require special production and hanging procedures. However, all the extra work was worth it, as the clouds not only dampen the noise but also enhance the aesthetics of the school cafeteria space.

Task: Beautify the environment of the school cafeteria

Description and Solution: Acoustic PET panels have a great advantage in that they can be cut into more complex shapes. For the school cafeteria, we proposed covering the glass wall with acoustic panels. The solution was well received by the school principal, and we agreed on the proposals. Vegetables and a sun were added to the walls as decorations. These not only enhance the atmosphere in the school cafeteria but also reduce excessive noise during lunchtime.

Task: Improve acoustic comfort in a university lecture hall

Description and Solution: In large rooms with less furniture, reverberation easily occurs. Listening to lectures in such a room is challenging - it requires a lot of concentration, and we get tired more easily. To address the acoustic issues in the lecture hall, we opted for acoustic images, Soundpix, to meet the requirement of having writings on the walls. The ceiling is covered with panels in modern Bandraster parallel profiles.

noise reduction in schools acoustic panels for schools

Task: Beautify the classroom environment and improve acoustics - No. 1

Description and Solution: The classroom's acoustic panels were designed by a designer, and we handled the production and installation of the acoustic panels. In this case, various colors and dimensions of panels were chosen. So, the panels not only dampen excess reverberation but also contribute to the classroom's nice design.

noise reduction in schools acoustic panels for schools

Task: Beautify the classroom environment and improve acoustics - No. 2

Description and Solution: This solution of acoustic panels was also proposed by a designer and in the same school as in No. 1. If you don't see any panels in the photo, you see well. Acoustic panels can cover an entire wall, and at first glance, you may not even recognize them. In this case, the wall also serves as a bulletin board. Pins can be easily attached to the panels, making the wall directly serve as a bulletin board.


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