Soundpix acoustic image - Variants: 600x1200 mm - s obalenou hranou, Image type: Mesto001

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Mesto001, Príroda001, Abstrakt001, Abstrakt002, Pošlem vlastnú fotografiu
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Why an ordinary picture when you can have an acoustic one? Soundpix - a picture that will bring silence to your home. More

Acoustic Image Soundpix

Perfect aesthetic addition bringing silence into your home.

Revitalize your interior with a unique acoustic image Soundpix. Whether it's a family photo, favorite landscape, or abstract art. In our specialized workshop, we ensure that your image is not only visually stunning but also practical. With proper use and combination, it can reduce room noise by 50%. Below, we have provided an explanation.

Family photo on Soundpix wall

I want a different photo on the image than what is offered

  • Select a photo from a photo bank: e.g., or
    Include its URL in the note when ordering. (That's how you enter it in the browser like :) )
  • Your own photograph: place an order for the image and send us the photograph by email to 
    together with the order number

Photograph parameters:

  • at least 150dpi
  • minimum dimensions:
    - for image 1500x1000: 9827 x 6678 px
    - for image 600x1200: 7938 x 4158 px
    (if using a mobile phone camera, choose the highest possible resolution)
  • avoid having anything important along the edges of the photo - approximately 6cm margin is needed for wrapping.
  • avoid long straight lines in the photo
  • send the photograph already edited - e.g., color-adjusted, retouched.

Conversion of photo dimensions for atypical sizes

Will the photo be the same as in the offer?

Aspect ratio of the photograph and the panel may differ. Together with wrapping, this results in cropping of the photograph.
If you want to create a custom-sized image exactly to the aspect ratio of your photograph, contact us at
Alternatively, send a photograph edited to the image size.

Will the image be sharp?

Both the canvas print and the canvas itself are of high quality. Therefore, the result depends on the quality of the supplied photograph.

Will I stop hearing noise from neighbors?

Noise from neighbors is handled by another part of acoustics - isolation.
With removing noise from neighbors, we can also help you, but using different technologies than with images.

Can I handle the installation?

Installation is the same as with traditional wall-hanging images.
So, definitely yes.

What if I want custom dimensions?

We can produce custom dimensions upon request. Maximum up to size 1200x3000 mm.
Contact us at

How can the image be practical?

An acoustic image is made from a special sound-absorbing material. It features acoustically suitable canvas printed with a graphic motif of your choice. Together, they can reduce reverberation time. Reverberation time significantly affects the room acoustics. In relation to noise, you may also encounter the term decibels - acoustic pressure.

50% Noise Reduction

Decibels are often more familiar but harder to imagine as they are represented on a logarithmic scale. Therefore, even 1dB can seem small, but in reality, it's a significant step. For even greater reduction in dB and reverberation time, we recommend combining multiple images or different stylish acoustic accessories. In a sample case, we achieved up to 3dB. Acousticians might not appreciate us for this, but for a better understanding, we can say that subjectively, noise is reduced by up to 50%.

How to Imagine Noise Reduction?

Think back to school and lunchtime. In a crowded cafeteria, chairs squeak, utensils clink, and kids shout over each other. Now imagine only half as many kids there.
For simplicity, this comparison is sufficient. The graphs below show that some sound frequencies are dampened more than others.

Demonstration of noise reduction in the living room using Soundpix

Demonstration of changes in reverberation time
Sample living room 3.5 x 6 x 2.7m with windows and furniture.
Image size: 1500x1000

  •      Red Line - "reverberation" in the room without acoustic adjustments
  •      Blue Line - "reverberation" in the room after acoustic adjustment with image
  •      Gray - ideal state according to the standard

Frequencies on the left - low frequencies, on the right - high frequencies.

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Where else can Soundpix be used?

acoustic images are not just for living rooms. Customers often choose them for offices, restaurants, and waiting rooms because they help to improve the acoustic conditions without compromising the design of the space. If you are still unsure whether Soundpix is the right solution for your needs, please feel free to contact us.

Select a shape Obdĺžnikový tvar
Element thickness 40mm, 50mm
Element shape Panel Rectangle
Core material Recyklovaný PET panel, Minerálne vlákno - nehorľavé
Surface treatment Tkanina s potlačou
A problem Noise/echo in the room
Location on: The wall
Designed for: Apartments/Houses, Schools, kindergartens, Offices, Social spaces, Home cinema