Luminous FELT Line acoustic slats

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Light Grey 9 a 12 mm Silver Grey 9 a 12 mm Antracit 9 a 12 mm Black 17 White 06 Ash Grey 18 Lime Green 37 Green 04 Orange 05 Light Yellow 20 Violet 23 Dark Blue 08 Blue 03 Sky Blue 22 Aqua Grey 14 Light Camel 07 Deep Camel 10 Longan Yellow 11 Ferruginous 09 Maroon 15 Pure Red 25 Red 21 Deep Orange 19 turquoise 31 Pink 33
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With the help of the Felt line system, you can design acoustic ceilings and walls with a soft and warm expression while providing excellent sound absorption. The installation profiles are stable for use in high-traffic environments such as schools, offices, shops and shopping centers and it is fully demountable. More

Product Description

Acoustic folded PET slats of various sizes and colors designed for wall cladding. They are inserted into a metal ridge and are removable. Optional fillers between the slats are available to achieve a homogeneous appearance. Excellent acoustics, pleasant felt material with endless options for custom design and colors. Create your own look with variations in width, depth, and color.
They are spatial acoustic elements composed of vertically or horizontally oriented slats for walls. The combination of different widths and heights of slats is a distinctive design feature. The slat height is 2400mm with a width of 40mm. Felt Line felt slats are easily shaped with a sharp knife, allowing for various design compositions with different lengths. They are suitable for office communities, shops, and restaurants—only limited by your imagination. The Felt Line panel is designed to reduce noise levels and is an effective solution for sound absorption, also reducing reverberation time for household noise.

Integrated Lighting Solution

LED lights can be inserted between the slats in strips or tubes. This solution can also be used on ceilings.

Anthracite-colored illuminated feltline

Product Features

Category / Material Wall slats / PET fiber
Surface Finish natural color selection
Sound Absorption alpha w = 0.8-0.95 depending on spacing and slat thickness
Fire Rating B s1, d0
Mechanical Resistance resistant to medium load, slats are replaceable
Installation slats are inserted into a metal ridge which is fixed to the wall

Product Dimensions

Variant Ekosound designation B slat length /mm/
slat width /mm/ slat spacing /mm/
slat depth /mm/
Felt Line Color Slat 2400 40, 70 20, 60 50, 75, 100 PET panel color
Felt Line Gray Shades Slat 3000 40, 70 20, 60 50, 75, 100 PET panel gray

Other dimensions on request

Acoustic Properties

Slat dimension 40x40 spacing between slats 22mm on 9mm backing

Application Spacing thickness αw / NCR
wall 22 mm Ekosound hard 9 mm 0.55-D / 0.80
wall 22 mm Ekosound hard 9 mm + 45mm MV 0.95-D / 0.95

Slat dimension 40x40 spacing 22mm on 9mm backing

Application Spacing thickness αw / NCR
Ceiling 22 mm Ekosound 9 mm + spacing 200mm 1.00-A / 0.95


Slats are inserted into metal ridges fixed to the wall.

Surface Felt
Core material Drevo
Location on: The wall, The ceiling, In space (screens)
Designed for: Apartments/Houses, Offices, Social spaces, Cinema/Theatre, Home cinema