Industry Shield

The cheapest way to eliminate noise is to enclose the noise source in an acoustic box. The Industry Shield panel with a thickness of 50 or 100 mm is perfect for the production of this box. It can also be used as a wall covering, where it reduces the noise level in two ways.
1. suppresses reverberation and thus reduces noise in the room by up to 10dB.
2. It is soundproof, has Rw 27 dB and thus reduces the transfer of noise to the surroundings More

Product Description

The most cost-effective way to eliminate noise is to enclose the noise source in an acoustic box. The Industry Shield panel, available in 50 or 100mm thickness, is excellent for manufacturing such boxes. It can also be used as wall cladding, reducing noise levels in two ways:

  1. Suppresses echo, thereby reducing noise in the space by up to 10dB.
  2. Is soundproof with Rw 27 dB, reducing sound transmission to the surroundings.

Product Features

Fire Reaction

OBIFON panels are made of 100% mineral wool that withstands temperatures of 1000 oC for more than two hours without melting.
Flammability: The material is classified according to STN EN 13501-1 as non-flammable in group A2,S1,d0.
Fire resistance: Panels have a fire resistance of 31 minutes.
Flame spread: Zero flame spread according to STN 730863.

Moisture Resistance

Mineral wool is non-hygroscopic material resistant to 100% relative humidity while maintaining 100% dimensional stability.

Mechanical Properties

Panels withstand permanent point loads of more than 100 grams. Panels with greater thickness are recommended for heavy loads.


Stone wool is an inorganic material not prone to mold, bacteria, or fungi. Panel edges are coated for basic protection. The panel surface is not washable.


8 kg /m2 for 50mm thickness.


Panels are easily removable.


Clean with a soft brush and vacuum cleaner.

Product Dimensions

Double-layer Shield System Dimensions [mm]

Thickness [mm]

Industry + soundshield, tecfon 600 x 1200 600 x 2000


Another use is to increase the soundproofing of walls adjacent to noisy operations. The panel combines mineral wool with a heavy board. The loudest industrial spaces require solutions that best reduce acoustic pressure to below 85 dB for suitable operational conditions. Standard Industry panels address this issue. Another problem is sound transmission to adjacent spaces, where increasing the soundproofing of existing wall constructions is necessary. This is where the Industry Shield system comes in, combining absorption with soundproofing. It is particularly suitable for walls adjacent to sensitive areas, such as Porfix, Ypor, or thinner walls of bricks or panels.

Sound Absorption of Shield System

Weighted Sound Reduction Index when applying Soundshield panels to brick.

Name RW Value Increase in Air Sound Insulation
Ypor 150 33dB -
Tecfon 50 48dB 15dB
Industry 50 50dB 17dB

Basic Surface Finishes

  • Akuglas - designed for demanding environments for performance and durability.
  • Blanco, Black - smooth surfaces for finishing mineral panels.


Element thickness 50mm, 100mm
Core material Minerálne vlákno - nehorľavé
Surface treatment Sklotkanina Akuglas
A problem Noise from neighbors/outside
Location on: The wall, The ceiling