Industry Resist Frame

The Industry Resist Frame panel is a classic Industry panel in a metal frame protected by a metal grid on the front side. More

Product Description

Designed for interior applications where a non-flammable material is required, applied to walls or ceilings near noise sources to prevent reflections and isolate noise sources.

Product Features

Fire Reaction

OBIFON panels are made from 100% mineral wool that withstands temperatures of 1000°C for more than two hours without melting.
Flammability: The material is classified according to STN EN 13501-1 as non-flammable, group A2, S1, d0.
Fire resistance: Panels have a fire resistance of 31 minutes.
Flame spread: Zero flame spread across the surface according to STN 730863.

Moisture Resistance

Mineral wool is a non-hygroscopic material resistant to 100% relative humidity while maintaining 100% dimensional stability.

Mechanical Properties

Panels do not withstand point loads exceeding 100 grams. Panels with greater thickness are required.


Mineral wool is an inorganic material not susceptible to mold, bacteria, or fungi. Panel edges are coated with a basic paint. The surface of the panels is not washable.


8 kg /m2 for 50mm thickness.


Panels are easily demountable.


Cleaning with a soft brush and vacuum cleaner.

Panel Dimensions

Variant Dimensions [mm]

Thickness [mm]

Industry resist Frame

1000 x 2000

50, 100

Industry resist Frame

500 x 1500

50, 100

Other dimensions available upon agreement.


OBIFON Industry Resist acoustic wall panel is designed to reduce noise levels in spaces where noise sources are present, and the space is mechanically stressed, posing a risk of panel damage. The effect is primarily achieved by eliminating reverberation caused by sound reflection on the interior surfaces of the space, resulting in noise reduction ranging from 1 to 10 dB depending on the volume.

It is particularly suited for spaces where functionality is more critical than aesthetics, such as industrial areas, boiler rooms, air handling units, server rooms, and others. Industry Resist is ideal for environments expecting extreme mechanical strain (impact on panels, material handling, machinery, etc.)

Acoustic Properties

  • Acoustics: Measurements were conducted without gap, i.e., directly applied to the wall.
  • Application: The panel is suitable for suppressing predominantly high frequencies or for broadband absorption.
  • Sound Absorption: Tested according to EN ISO 354.

Basic Surface Finishes of OBIFON Industry Resist Panels

  • Akuglas - designed for demanding environments for performance and durability.


Select a shape Obdĺžnikový tvar
Element thickness 50mm, 100mm
Element shape Panel Rectangle
Core material Minerálne vlákno - nehorľavé
Surface treatment Sklotkanina Akuglas
A problem Noise/echo in the room
Location on: The wall
Designed for: Industry

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