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Výrazny design akustického stropu Expression

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Acoustic ceiling modules may seem like a random pattern of panels, but they are a complex network or GRID on your ceiling. With a seamless connection, you can expand your network to any size. The height of the slats is 200 mm. More

An irregular network of vertical lamellas in various lengths and angles creates a new expression for the ceiling.

Product Description:

1. Dimensions of lamella expression shapes
Lamellas with a height of 200 mm are grouped in various lengths to form a pattern that hangs from the ceiling.

The dimensions of this grouping are approximately 2300 x 2300 mm and when hung, they rotate opposite each other to create a continuous irregular network.

Limit dimensions of lamellas
Lamella Height /mm/ Lamella Length mm Lamella Thickness mm
200 1000-2400 9

2. The surface finish is standard white or in the colors of Ekosound Hard panel

Possible Uses
Vertically interconnected lamellas in various angles are used as suspended panels in the space under the ceiling, effectively absorbing sound by absorption. The Expression variant is intended for representative spaces with high demands on spatial design with excellent acoustic properties of the material.

Baffle expressions are supplied as a whole, as a grouping with dimensions of 2290x2290, which is suspended from the ceiling at 4-6 points on rectifiable cables.

Notice: The grouping is rotated opposite each other so that the same sides do not meet and partially overlap.

Acoustic Properties:

We attach the response of a satisfied customer: "Regarding the acoustics of the listening room, it's a huge change. The whole room has been muted, the echo has disappeared, the sound doesn't bounce back. The music playback is more accurate and detailed. The feeling in the room is like in a theater. Of course, more precise measurements would be needed, but even now it's a huge progress. Very satisfied, thank you."

Sound absorption: Tested according to EN ISO 354.

Basic Surface Finishes of Circle Grid 
Lamella color can be white, black, or according to the color of

Vlastnosti panelov z materiálu Ekosound Hard  /PET vlákno/
Hrúbka materiálu / Povrch
Panely Ekosound Hard sa vyrábajú v hrúbke 12 alebo 24mm. Po nainštalovaní  nie je potrebné ho čalúniť, natierať ani chrániť. 
Horľavosť - Reakcia na oheň
Panely Ekosound sú z PET vlákna.
Horľavosť: Ekosound v hrúbke 5-50mm a plošnej hmotnosti do 2500g/m2  je zaradený podľa STN EN 13501-1 do skupiny B S1,d0  ako neľahko horľavý.
Odolnosť voči vlhku
Vláknitý panel EKOSOUND Hard je vhodný aj do  vlhkého prostredia do 60% vlhkosti pri odvetrávanom priestore  a zabránenie kondenzácie vodných pár.
Mechanické vlastnosti
Materiál dosky je  pevný pružný a odolný voči opotrebeniu, je odolný voči nárazu a roztrhnutiu. Panely EKOSOUND  sú tvrdé a odolávajú mechanickému poškodeniu aj hrubej sile pri dodržaní určitých podmienok. Panely sa dajú formátovať na píle prípadne frézovať. Je možné ich skrutkovať na stenu.
Hanging from the ceiling Zavesené na stojato
Element thickness 9mm, 12mm
Element shape Ceiling grids, Suspended ceiling panels
Core material Recyklovaný PET panel
Surface treatment PET panel Farba
A problem Noise/echo in the room
Location on: The ceiling
Designed for: Offices, Social spaces, Cinema/Theatre

Schéma zavesenia lamiel

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