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Coral Wood dub Blanco
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Spatial mineral acoustic panel for horizontal suspension under the ceiling as solo panels in circular design. The combination of different diameters and suspension heights is striking in design. The rings have excellent acoustic properties and usually a few pieces are enough, depending on the size of the space. By default, they are white with a thickness of 40 mm. More

Product Description:

Category / Material ceiling horizontal panel / mineral fiber
Surface Finish Coral fiberglass
Sound Absorption alpha w = 0.6-0.95 depending on spacing
Fire Rating A2 s1
Weight per m2 4500g (mineral)
Installation see here
An acoustic spatial element for horizontal ceiling suspension as solo panels in circular design. The combination of various diameters and suspension heights makes a striking design. Circles exhibit excellent acoustic properties and typically, a few pieces are sufficient depending on the room size. They are standard white with a thickness of 40 mm.

Cloud Variants CIRCLE

Dimensions of Cloud Panels A2 Circle

Variant Mineral designation A2 Diameter /mm/ Thickness  /mm/ Surface
Clouds A2 Circle 600, 900, 1195 40 Coral white
Clouds A2 Ellipse 600, 1195x1000 ,1200, 1500 40 Coral white
Other shapes of clouds see Clouds ART

Acoustic Properties

Product Name: Clouds Mineral A2 
Acoustics: measurement was performed with a 500mm spacing and 50mm thickness
Sound absorption: tested according to EN ISO 354


Product Name: Clouds Mineral A2 equivalent area

Acoustics: measurement was performed with a 500 or 1000 mm spacing

Sound absorption: Tested according to EN ISO 354.


Similar Products

A similar product is the Rectangle Cloud Panel and Clouds ART in various shapes. Effective are the cloud imitations in shape and color like Clouds Air. For laying clouds in stripes or over the entire surface, we recommend the NEO variant.

Integrated lighting solutions and surface graphics:

Designed where a striking design solution is sought and there is a need to adjust the acoustic conditions in the room. Their variability in height, thickness, color, and shape is advantageous. Their application achieves a new rendition of the ceiling while achieving the desired acoustic properties. OBIFON Clouds have excellent acoustic properties, so covering the entire ceiling is unnecessary. Coverage of 30-40% of the ceiling area suffices. They are manufactured with a mineral or textile core.

Basic Surface Finishes

Fiberglass Surfaces

  • Coral - simulated rough plaster

Surface Textile, fabric
Element thickness 40mm
Element shape Circle, ellipse
Core material Minerálne vlákno - nehorľavé
Surface treatment Sklotkanina Coral
A problem Noise/echo in the room
Location on: The ceiling
Designed for: Apartments/Houses, Schools, kindergartens, Offices

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