Modular Basstrap

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A bass trap is an acoustic panel primarily used to suppress low-frequency reflections in interiors, which are a major issue in properly tuning listening rooms. Due to its composition and thickness, it is an effective tool for reducing rumble in a space. More

The primary suppression of low bass frequencies is the biggest challenge in properly tuning acoustics in interiors and listening rooms. The fully upholstered panel contains a combination of layers that result in selective absorption of mid or low frequencies. The specific performance is shown in the curve below.


The panels can be made in various sizes (found below in the Product Description tab) and are available in a selected finish and color (found below in the Surface Finish tab).

Vlastnosti výrobku

Rozmery panelov Modular  Basstrap šírka (mm) dĺžka (mm) hrúbka (mm)
Modular Basstrap
600 1200-1500-200 50 alebo 100
Modular Basstrap 300-1000 600-2000 50 alebo 100

Non-standard sizes available for an additional charge


These products are most commonly used in spaces where a balanced reverberation time is critical, such as recording studios, control rooms, listening rooms, and social spaces. However, due to their attractive design, the panels can ultimately be used in any area where low-frequency issues need to be addressed.

Acoustic Properties Variant Middle

Thickness: 50mm. Suitable for spaces with spoken word, primarily Type A 50.

Varianta Bass

Hrúbka 100mm. Vhodná do priestorov s produkciou hudby a všade tam kde treba pohltiť nízke frekvencie /dunenie/ hlavne A100


Základné povrchové úpravy panelov

Textilné povrchy

  • Akutec - semišový povrch s jemným tieňovaním (80g/m2)
Select a shape Obdĺžnikový tvar
Surface Textile, fabric
Element thickness 100mm, 150mm
Element shape Panel Rectangle
Core material Minerálne vlákno - nehorľavé
Surface treatment Textília, Sklotkanina Coral
A problem Noise/echo in the room
Location on: The wall
Designed for: Social spaces, Cinema/Theatre, Recording studio


Montáž panelov Modular Basstrap  je veľmi jednoduchá a vhodná do takmer každého priestoru. Nedoporučujeme vzhľadom na tolerancie rozmerov panelov aplikovať panely tak aby sa 4 rohy panelov stretávali v jednom bode. Je potrebné ich aplikovať s posunom špár alebo ich oddeliť hrúbkou panelu.

Montáž napichnutím na kovových ježkov. Vhodná na steny pri sólo osadení panelov na stenu.