Hanging screen Sound screen ART

The design concept of "carved PET elements" involves using professional carving technology to create intricate patterns on polyester fiber boards, resulting in a combination of aesthetic and practical effects on acoustic materials.
Acoustic partition screens Soundscreen ART are used in spaces where it is necessary to visually divide the area while reducing noise levels. They can be solid or with a carved pattern according to the sample book or with provided graphics. They come with a hanging cable system.
The design also emphasizes aesthetics and the diversity of appearance, which can integrate with various interior decoration styles, creating a comfortable and tranquil environment for users. Acoustic partition screens Soundscreen ART reduce noise by absorbing sound while offering a high aesthetic appearance. Suitable for any space with poor acoustics where space can be divided with a hanging panel. Various types of carving. Different colors of panels.
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Product Description:

Dimensions of Soundscreen ART Hanging Partition Panels Width [mm] Height [mm] Thickness [mm]
Soundscreen ART partition marble gray 1000 up to 3000 12
Soundscreen ART partition colored 1200 2400 9; 18



Soundscreen ART patterns on request and of course also patterns according to your design





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