V-cut felt panel

Looking for a textured and eco-friendly wall finish? The solution is the patterned acoustic panel Ekosound V-cut. This rigid acoustic felt panel has a thickness of 9 and 12 mm and features a marbled surface in various color shades with a carved pattern (several styles available). The transition between flat and smooth surfaces and the intricate patterned surface is possible based on the available pattern or provided template.


Rigid felt acoustic panel with a thickness of 12 mm, featuring a marbled surface in various shades of white, gray, and black with a carved surface in different patterns. Other color shades are available in 9 mm thickness. The transition from flat and smooth surfaces to intricate patterned surfaces follows the offered patterns or your own design. The material's flexibility allows it to be curved according to the density of vertical grooves.

Variants of the Ekosound V-cut Panel

Panel finish options:
The surface is carved with a V-shaped groove at a 30o angle to a depth of 6mm. The top width of the groove is approximately 6mm. In colored types, the groove is in the original material. The pattern and type of carving are selected according to the template.

The dimensions of the basic panel are max. 1200 x 2400 mm. The thickness is 12mm. From this size, we can format any dimension according to the requirement with the corresponding pattern. Larger panels are composed of multiple types.