Felt Line acoustic slats

With the help of the Felt Line system, you can design acoustic ceilings and walls with a soft and warm expression while providing excellent sound damping. The installation profiles are stable for use in highly frequented environments such as schools, offices, shops, and shopping centers, and the system is fully demountable.
Create your own look by varying the width, depth, and color.

A spatial acoustic element consisting of vertically or horizontally oriented slats for the wall. The combination of various widths and heights of slats is design distinctive. The height of the slats is 2400mm with a width of 40mm. Felt Line slats are easily formatted with a sharp knife and allow the creation of various designs with different lengths... They are also suitable for office communities, shops, and restaurants - the only limits are your imagination. The Felt Line panel is designed to reduce noise levels and is an effective solution for sound absorption while also shortening the reverberation time for household noise.
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