Industrial panels

Specification of Products Suitable for Application in School Spaces:

  • non-flammability
  • high acoustic efficiency
  • mechanical resistance

The goal of industrial acoustics is to improve the acoustic environment in industrial and commercial spaces in order to minimize the negative effects of noise on the work environment, employee health, production quality, and the environment.

Noise in industrial spaces can cause not only hearing damage but also irritability, stress, and fatigue. These factors can increase the number of errors and cause greater damage due to quality, productivity, and reliability issues arising from difficult communication.

Economical and effective Industry panels must be non-flammable, inexpensive, and efficient. The panels are installed over the entire surface and reduce noise by 2-27 dB depending on the type and conditions. The panels are applied to walls and ceilings, reducing acoustic pressure and noise. Industry panels are suitable for any space where noise reduction is needed and where the appearance of the panel surface is not essential. For outdoor use, we offer an Exterior variant. If the application conditions require increased soundproofing, we apply the Soundshield variant.

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Samples of Our Implementations

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Task: Noise reduction in industry in a production hall

Description and Solution: Acoustic panels were manufactured and installed according to the proposed project. The panels are mounted on the wall of an industrial hall. 

Task: Noise reduction at a device

Description and Solution: In some cases, it is necessary to dampen noise directly at the device producing it. Baffles are an excellent solution due to their large absorption area. In this case, they are installed directly above the device, absorbing excess noise.

Selection of Products Suitable for Industrial Use

Industry Shield

Industry Shield

The cheapest way to eliminate noise is to enclose the noise source in an acoustic box. The Industry Shield panel with a thickness of 50 or …
Screen Industry

Screen Industry

Paravan Industry is a mobile acoustic screen, designed to soundly close the space from ambient noise, has an aluminum frame and non…
Baffle Foil

Baffle Foil

Baffle Foil vertical hanging panels are intended for humid and hygienic spaces. They are also recommended for areas where condensation of…
Baffle Industry

Baffle Industry

It is a vertical suspended acoustic panel, intended for industry to reduce noise. The panel has metal U profile edges. It has extreme…